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Welcome to the Beyond Medals Customer Service

We’re here to help! Don't find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us at and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Terms of use

Our terms and conditions of purchase may change from time to time, which is why we kindly ask you to read them thoroughly in every instance before placing your order.

When you approve your purchase with us, you must also approve our terms and conditions of purchase. The purchase is completed when you have received the order confirmation, and it is your responsibility to make sure that any information you have submitted to us – name, email address and postal address – is correct. You must be 18 years of age (or age 16 with the consent of a guardian), to shop in our online shop.

By placing an order, you approve of our terms and conditions and agree to comply with this Agreement in its entirety. The terms and conditions and/or any part of this Agreement that deviate from mandatory law is without effect to the extent that the incident is not in the favour of the customer. This provision applies only if the customer is a private individual and if the purchase relates to private consumption.


For payment by card, you can choose whether to pay with a Visa, Mastercard or AMEX. The amount is reserved at the time of booking, but it is not debited your account until the product has been packed and sent.

The payment will be processed by Stripe, which is a reliable electronic payments partner for Visa, Mastercard and AMEX gives you the same guarantees and peace of mind that you have when you buy something in a physical shop. The payment pages are secured with SSL, and all card details are encrypted.  This means that no one can read your credit card number, name or address when the information is sent over the internet.

Discount code

Discount codes are temporary offers which cannot be combined with other discount codes or offers. The applicable conditions and rates for the various discount codes are communicated at the site where customers gain access to the discount code. In the event of unauthorised use of discount codes, Beyond Medals reserves the right to cancel the purchase.

Privacy Policy 

We will not use your personal data for any other purpose than to provide the services required for your purchase. Please find our Privacy Policy at our Contact page.

Right of cancellation

You have the right to cancel the purchase at any time within fourteen (14) days without citing any reason for doing so. The cancellation period begins from the date on which you receive your order. Please contact customer service to cancel your order.

Full refund

You get a full refund if you return your purchase within thirty (30) days from the date on which you place the order. See the procedure under Return.

If you change your mind after the package has been dispatched by us, you must pick up the package from the delivery point and return the product to us.

Freight, delivery and returns 

The normal delivery time is 1–5 workdays within Europe, and 4-8 days outside Europe. 

Return /exchange

You have thirty (30) whole days of open purchase!

You must hand in your return at the site where you picked up your order or at another UPS/DHL access point. If you wish to return a product to our online shop, your return will be registered, and you must place a new order yourself in order to have a different size or product sent to you.

To send your return back to the online shop use the return address label enclosed in your package. All returns to our online shop are charged return freight of EUR/USD 5.95 (3.95 EUR for the Nordics). If the return is due to an error for which we are responsible, we will obviously cover the return freight charge.

If you return your order it may take up to 10 workdays to process a return back to our warehouse. The return amount will be refunded to the account which you used for payment. You are allowed to inspect products carefully, but labels or tags must not be removed.

Right to Repair or Replacement

The right to repair or replacement is in effect for three (3) years. The right to repair or replacement does not apply to ordinary wear and tear. If a fault or deficiency is detected, the consumer must notify the seller within a reasonable period of time after discovering or after he/she should have discovered the fault/deficiency, that he/she intends to invoke the right to repair or replacement. Nevertheless, the complaint period is not less than two (2) months from the time when the consumer discovered the fault/deficiency. In the event that the item or the item’s components are intended to last significantly longer when subjected to ordinary use, the complaint period is five (5) years. If the consumer fails to file a complaint in time, he/she forfeits the right to invoke the right. A fault/deficiency that appears within six (6) months after the consumer took possession of the item (normal date of delivery) must be presumed to have existed at the transfer of risk.

If you wish to file a complaint concerning a product, we would appreciate it if you would please send us a photo by email to first. This way, you are released from returning a product that we might discard anyway. This will both be better for the environment and speed up the payment of any refund we owe you due to your complaint.

Beyond Medals reserves the right to reject an invalid complaint if it has been determined that the product is not defective under current legislation.

Damage Incurred in Transit

If the package has been damaged in transit, contact as soon as possible.


We cannot guarantee that the colours you see on your screen depict the garment colours with complete accuracy. The colours are depicted according to user settings.

Personal date

When you register your order, you approve that we save and use your personal data to complete and deliver your order and to provide you with the service and shopping experience you expect. Read more about how we process your personal data in our privacy policy.

Prices & Charges

The prices do not include freight or payment charges. 

Force majeure

If Beyond Medals experiences a force majeure situation, i.e. if we or our business partners are subject to war, warlike incidents, revolution, insurrection, the exercise of authority, strike, lockout, blockade, natural disaster, fire, disruption of transportation, delivery ban or similar incidents, beyond Medals has the right to cease to honour its obligations vis-à–vis its customers for up to two (2) months. After this period, both parties have the right to repudiate the contract without being liable in damages.

Reservation for cancellation

Beyond Medals reserves the right to repudiate the contract if the customer acts in ‘bad faith’ due to inaccuracies which the customer knew of or should have perceived as incorrect information about price or quantity on In instances where the right to cancel a purchase is asserted, the customer does not have the right to compensation in damages from Beyond Medals.

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How long is the delivery time?

We are shipping from Sweden and the normal delivery time is:

– Scandinavia: 1-3 days
– Europe: 2-5 days
– United States and Canada: 3-6 days
– Australia and New Zealand: 6-9 days
– Japan: 4-6 days
– Rest of the World: 6-9 days 

What’s the shipping cost?

– Scandinavia: 3.95 EUR or 39 kronor
– Europe: 7.95 EUR
– United States and Canada 9.95 USD
– Rest of the World: 19.95 USD

Will I be charged with any duties when buying from Beyond Medals?

Beyond Medals warehouse is located in Sweden and for some countries you may be charged with import duties and tax from UPS when receiving your order.

For the following regions / countries, you will NOT be charged with any import duties when buying from us:

United States

For all other countries you will most likely receive an invoice from UPS with import taxes, duties and documentation. If you are looking for information on what is applicable for your country, please contact and we will try to help you. 

What’s the return policy?

If you’re not happy with the items you have received, you can return them within 30 days if the items are in their original condition and labels still attached. You need to use the included pre-printed return label by placing it on the package, and then returning it at your nearest service point. If you are missing a return label, please contact

If you are returning an order from outside of the European Union, you may need to submit documentation in addition to the return label we attached to your order. Please contact to retrieve documentation. 

How can you help me find the right size?

Sizing is always tricky and people like to wear our clothes in different ways. Our best recommendation is to closely look at the size guide at the product page explaining how tall the model is and what size he or she is wearing. The size guide also shows you measurements of the actual garment in centimeters and inches, and you can cross-check those measurements with a product you know fits you well.  

The product does not fit, can I change it?

In case you want a different size or product you need to place a new order and return your original order. Please contact for consultation on sizes. We can also arrange a discount on freight charges when swapping sizes.  

When can I expect my money back?

If you return your order it may take up to 10 workdays to process a return back to our warehouse. The return amount will be refunded to the account which you used for paying your original order. 

Please note that a return fee will be deducted from your refund. 
The fee is:

– Scandinavia: 3.95 EUR or 39 kronor
– Europe: 7.95 EUR
United States and Canada 9.95 USD
Rest of the World: 19.95 USD